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Ayurvedic Constitution --Prakriti

The Three Doshas


Vata- Air and Ether

Pitta-Fire and Water

Kapha-Water and Earth

 The word Ayurveda means "wisdom of life"


I have been asked by several people to include a little information to help determine their Prakriti, or Ayurvedic Constitutuon.  When you can determine the dominant dosha in your makeup, you can recognize and even predict some of your health issues.  Some will find they fall mainly within one dosha column and you will have a single dosha constitution.  You may be a tri-dosha type if you are evenly divided, as well as a dual dosha if you fall mainly in two doshas.

We can design your own blend of essential oils for your constitution.

Print out the following forms to help you determine your constitution.


 Prakriti Doshas

Prakriti Questions







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